43 Geisha


United States of America

Hello! My name is Tanner Warnol. I have been a barista at 4 coffee shops, and barbacked/bartended/managed at 8 different bars. Coffee and alcohol have been passions of mine for years, and I always go back to combining them in new ways!

Cocktail Inspiration

Geisha is a double-entendre in the cocktail name. Drawing from both the type of coffee bean I chose for the cold brew in my cocktail and the Japanese art performer, I wanted to showcase art of craftsmanship of both Licor 43 Original and the 96-Hour Geisha roast from a local coffee roaster I appreciate: Pair Cupworks. To flavor map a bit, Licor 43 has notes of vanilla and orange, this pairs well with almond with the Villa Massa Amaretto, which pairs very well with the subtle hints of white chocolate and hibiscus in the 96-Hour Geisha.


  • 30 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 15 Ml. Villa Massa Amaretto Liqueur
  • 90 Ml. 96-Hour Geisha Cold Brew form Pair Cupworks (or a local cold brew you appreciate)


Cocktail Preparation
  • Add Licor 43 Original, Villa Massa Amaretto Liqueur, and cold brew in a boston shaker tin.
  • Add draft ice, and shake.
  • Break tins, and strain into the smaller shaker tin.
  • Dry shake for 1 minute.
  • Fine Strain into a collins glass over draft ice.
  • Place a Mexican coconut cookie on rim of glass and on foam(like in photo).
  • Grate cinnamon over half of foam and half of cookie(also like in the photo).
  • Salud.
Coffee Preparation
  • Ratio of Coffee to water: 1:10. Add 50g ground beans in a cheese cloth into 150g water at 210 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Hot Bloom for 1 minute.
  • Add 350g water at 40 degrees fahrenheit for a flash chill.
  • Mix after 1 minute.
  • Set in fridge for 18 hours.
  • Strain through paper filters.

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