Carranza’s Paradise


United States of America

I have been working in the coffee industry for 12 years. In that time, I’ve developed a passion for blending the worlds of coffee and cocktails.

Cocktail Inspiration

I named this drink after the coffee producer Germán Carranza and wanted to create a beverage that was a complex boozy sipper and honored both the coffee and Licor 43


  • 30 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 15 Ml. Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum
  • 45 Ml. Banhez Joven Mezcal
  • 25 Ml. See the Elephant Amaro
  • 8 Ml. Velvet Falernum
  • 15 Ml. Peru Germán Carranza Anaerobic Washed Coffee (brewed method: AeroPress)(coffee roasted at Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters)- 15 ml


Cocktail Preparation
  • Add all ingredients into a mixing glass, add ice and stir until chilled.
  • Strain into an Old-Fashioned glass, over one large ice cube.
  • Express oil of a lemon zest, and garnish with a dehydrated lemon peel.
Coffee Preparation
  • Weigh out 20 grams of the Peru Germán Carranza Anaerobic Washed coffee, and grind it at a medium-fine grind setting.
  • Heat water to 210 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Prep AeroPress for using the inverted method, and add coffee to brewer.
  • Pour 75 grams of water into brewer.
  • At the 30 second mark, stir vigorously for 10 seconds.
  • At the 50 second mark, plunge the AeroPress slowly into a serving vessel.

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