El campo



I’m Daniel, I’m 24 and passionate about hospitality and how to convey from behind the bar, I arrived to Oaxaca 16 years ago and fell in love with the gastronomy and folckore of the state.

Cocktail Inspiration

This cocktail is inspired by the time I used to practice Folkloric Dance. I remember the fist sentence of the song I had the chance to dance at my first recital was Ojalá que llueva cafe en el Campo that means I wish it rains coffee in the fields, and that is the inspiration behind this cocktail.


  • 30 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 30 Ml. espresso
  • 30 Ml. yogurth organico natural
  • 15 Ml. mezcal espadin


Cocktail Preparation
  • To extract the 30 ml of espresso with the machine
  • Add all the ingredients into a tin
  • Mix all the ingredients with an electronic mixer, in order to incorporate air intp the mix and create the texture we need
  • Make crushed iced with a muddler and fill a Jícara bule with it
  • Put an bamboo straw, and then serve the cocktail on top
  • Decorate with a edible flower and enjoy
Coffee Preparation
  • Grind 8 grams of specialty roasted coffee in the grinder
  • Put the ground coffee into the coffee machine puck
  • Drop the water at a speed of 26 per sec during 20 seconds to obtain 30ml of espresso

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