Espresso Me 43


United States of America

I have been in the Beverage Service industry for 19 years. Starting as an employee of a liquor store, then stepping behind the bar to be a mixologist, all the way to owning my own Beverage Service Company.

Cocktail Inspiration

I absolutely love coffee, so much so, an espresso martini is my go to order when out or at home. A natural selection when I realized this was not only a competition for bartenders but also for baristas. Once I tasted Licor 43, with the splendid notes of vanilla and spice. Pairing this beautiful liqueur with coffee was a no brainer. Indulging in the sweet and flavor forward side of an espresso martini, I knew the marriage in my cocktail would be perfect!


  • 22 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 44 Ml. Vodka
  • 15 Ml. Coffee Liqueur
  • 15 Ml. Simple Syrup
  • 1 Oz. Cold Brew (pre-bottled)


Cocktail Preparation
  • Pour All Ingredients into your Shaker Tin
  • Add ice to your Shaker Tin
  • Put the top on, make sure it's secure
  • Shake hard for 35 seconds to insure the coffee oil gets infused with the other ingredients
  • Take ice out and shake hard again
  • Pour into chilled martini glass to be served up
  • Garnish with four coffee beans (for each member of the Zamora family, even Emilio)
Coffee Preparation
  • Chilled Pre-Bottled Cold Brew

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