Falso cacao



I’m a fan of coffee, my first cocktail with Licor 43 was the Carajillo and it was where I decided to learn about this great world, the coffee.

Cocktail Inspiration

When I was a child I loved eating coffee sweets and my idea for Licor 43 is to remember that moment when I ate them and now I can remember while I'm drinking it


  • 22 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 22 Ml. Cordial de Rosita de Cacao
  • 50 Ml. Cold Brew and Citric Twits
  • 4 Drops Angostura Aromatic Bitter's


Cocktail Preparation
  • Cold a glass, old fashion.
  • In a mixer cup, add the selected ingredients and refresh for 20 seconds.
  • Add a 5 x 5 ice and pour the cocktail into the glass and add Angostura Bitter's
  • Decorate with Rosita de Cacao and Drink
Coffee Preparation
  • Measure the following quantities: 1lt of water, 0.100kg of coffee, 0.016kg of cinnamon, 0.003kg of star anise, 0.001kg of clove
  • Add everything to a container and let it Infusion for 30 hours.
  • Filter past the time and save.

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