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Costa Rica

when i was a kid i had to go to pick coffee ( its hard work) but some of the best memories of my childhood are during that time. (donde va el corte) was used to know where the next coffee line was.

Cocktail Inspiration

my times in the coffee field


  • 30 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 45 Ml. coffee oil washed vodka
  • 15 Ml. banana syrup
  • 15 Ml. cava and coffee cordial ( used coffee)
  • 1 Ml. coca bitters 1 dash
  • 05 Ml. saline solution 3 drops


Cocktail Preparation
  • Make an oleo saccharum to get the banana syrup
  • The peel of 3 bananas 250 gr of sugar ( save the peels for decoration)
  • Place all the ingredients in the shaker and shake for 20 seconds
  • Serve in rocks class rimmed with coffee, dark chocolate and tajin
  • Garnish it with dried banana peel ( used for the oleo saccharum)
Coffee Preparation
  • Mix in the blender 200 grs of dark roast coffe with 600 ml of sun flower oil
  • Let the mix of coffe and oil cold brew for 24 hours and filter it
  • Mix 750ml of vodka with the coffee oil put it in a sealed bag
  • Heat it for 2 hours at 50 degrees celcius,
  • Put it in the freezer till frozen and filter to extract the coffee vodka .
  • Coffee oleo saccarum 20 gr of used coffe 30 gr of sugar sit 24 hours
  • Mix coffee oleo saccharum with 250 ml of cava 3.5 gr of citric acid and filter

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