I have been a Barista for 5 years and a bartender for 2 years with the fortune of having very good instructors at their work who taught me everything they knew and for which I will always be grateful.

Cocktail Inspiration

The notes of La Hechicera rum were the basis of the creation


  • 22 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 22 Ml. Espresso
  • 30 Ml. La Hechicera rum
  • 1 Ml. Cardamom (seeds)
  • 5 Ml. Orange skin
  • 3 Dashes Orange bitter


Cocktail Preparation
  • In a mixing glass, add all the ingredients.
  • We mash all the ingredients, ensuring that the oils from the orange peel and cardamom are well extracted.
  • Add ice and mix for 10 seconds
  • Serve in on the rock glass previously cooled with ice cube
  • Use a California orange peel and squeeze the oils into the glass.
  • Use the orange tweets to decorate
Coffee Preparation
  • A calibration ratio of 1:2.5 was used for coffee preparation.
  • 18g of coffee were used
  • The coffee was prepared in an espresso machine with an extraction time of 23 seconds.
  • 45ml of final drink (espresso) was obtained

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