Licor 43 Capuccigroni


Costa Rica

As a Barista and Bartender I love my coffee in the mornings and a nice negroni in the afternoon… so why not mix them and create the two very best and famous drinks in one cocktail. You have the coffee, the liquor and the milk all in one.

Cocktail Inspiration

Coffee & Negroni


  • 30 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 30 Ml. Mezcal
  • 15 Ml. Licor de elote
  • 15 Ml. Licor de chile poblano
  • 10 Ml. Coffee liquor foam


Cocktail Preparation
  • Aeropress Licor 43 with freshly grind coffee and save the coffee grounds for the foam (sustainability)
  • Add the rest of the liquors
  • Add evaporated milk to clarify and let it rest for at least 8 hours in the fridge
  • With a cloth filter the liquid until clarified
  • Serve chilled in a mixing glass and stir por 10 seconds for dilution
  • Serve in a whiskey glass or in short glass with a cube of old fashioned ice
  • In a Whipped cream siphon add 2 parts of corn milk and 1 part of coffee syrup with two nitro charges
  • Add foam to the cocktail and 3 coffee beans to garnish
Coffee Preparation
  • With a comandante at 25 clicks grind 20 grams of coffee
  • With the aero press in a ratio of 1:3 infused the licor 43
  • With the ground coffee soap in licor 43 add 1 part of water and 2 parts of sugar to create a coffee syrup

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