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I love making special, off menu drinks for friends and coworkers and this is one that is becoming a regular request at the end of the shift before going out.

Cocktail Inspiration

Espresso and tonics in the summer ginger lattes made by a coworker for brunch and the tequila and cacha├ža espresso martinis I would make as specials for guests


  • 25 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 25 Ml. Espolon Anejo Tequila
  • 25 Ml. Novo Fogo Cachaca
  • 30 Ml. Espresso
  • 2 Dashes Old Forester sea salt and black pepper tincture
  • 90 Ml. Q Mixers ginger beer


Cocktail Preparation
  • Combine all ingredients except ginger beer and ice into shaker and shake to combine and aerate
  • Strain into collins glass
  • Fill with ice and top up with ginger beer
  • Stir gently to combine and garnish with pink grapefruit slice and straw
Coffee Preparation
  • Espresso

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