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I help a friend making coldbrew (i do it just for fun like a hobby) and he teach me all about coffe, my coffe represents, how it work so well in cocktails and teach so many differen ways to use coffe

Cocktail Inspiration

The new era in bars looking for simplicity minimal design and complex flavors made me fly arround ideas and recipies that merge all this three concepts in one sip I created a recipe that looks easy to make with a simple garnish but with an amazing bouquet of flavors that will blow the mind trying to lookin for memories of this flavors but can never will be found in a nutshell complex flavors Fly from the amazonas where my coffe is come from to the caribbe bringing SABOR and then to europe using premium liquors with history that was my inspiration flavors arround the world that mixed togetter make complex flavors that people will find UNIQUE


  • 45 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 20 Ml. Ron Blanco Infusionado en Habatonka
  • 15 Ml. Ron Negro Dominicano
  • 20 Ml. Grand Marnier
  • 60 Ml. Coldbrew 1-10
  • 45 Ml. Zumo de Naranja


Cocktail Preparation
  • Garnish a line at the side of the glass with dried habatonka
  • Put all ingredients at the shaker
  • Shake hard to create a nice foam
  • Strain in the Garnished tall Glass
Coffee Preparation
  • Toasting coffe to dark toast
  • Large coffe grinding (Coarse Grind) - best in brew and immerse method
  • Immerse coffe in water in 1-10 ratio (the water is distill like a spirit in an especial distiller)
  • Left in fridge for 24hr
  • Softing the paper filter in hot water (cure)
  • Strain immerse cold brew in a chemex filter
  • Save in a bottle for another 12hr in the fridge
  • Enjoy a lightly strong and flavored cold brew

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