Mystic Mountain Punch



Hello 🙂 I am Kissia, a barista, co-founder of Meramanis Coffee Roaster and bartender to-be! For me it’s important creating drinks with local and cultural history!

Cocktail Inspiration

It's inspired by the legendary of Argopuro Mountain, shrouded in mystique and mystery. People believe that Princess Rengganis (a mythical figure) possessed divine powers, and has deep connection to the nature. With every sip of this cocktail, it's like diving into that magical realm where Licor43, Brandy Carlos I, and Argopuro Mystic Coffee blend just right, like the stories Grandma used to tell. And when you sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg on top, it's almost like you can feel Princess Rengganis's mystical vibes all around you.


  • 30 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 45 Ml. Brandy Carlos I de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva
  • 45 Ml. Pour Over Argopuro Mystic Coffee
  • 15 Ml. Lime Juice
  • 5 Ml. Yuzu Syrup 1883
  • 15 Ml. Heavy Cream 30 percent
  • 1 Dashes Nutmeg as garnish


Cocktail Preparation
  • Prepare the Coffee: Brew 45 ml of pour over coffee as detailed above and let it cool to room temperature.
  • Combine all the ingredients by putting into a shaker
  • Add ice cubes then shake well
  • Prepare a highball glass (300ml) and put ice cubes
  • Strain the cocktail into the glass
  • Add sprinkle nutmeg powder as garnish
Coffee Preparation
  • Prepare v60 setup, heat the the water to 93 degrees of celsius.
  • Recipe Pour Over is using ratio 1:15 , Use 15g of lightly roasted coffee beans (argopuro mystic coffee)
  • Ground the coffee to a medium consistency
  • Bloom coffee with 50ml for 30 seconds
  • Second Pour: add 58ml, circular motion, until it reaches 108ml
  • Third Pour: add 58 ml, circular to centre motion until it reaches 166ml
  • Four Pour: add water until it reaches 225ml, circular to centre motion
  • The brew should be finished in about 3 minutes
  • Let it cool in room temperature

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