Passion At the Disco


United States of America

I am a bartender and hospitality professional in the San Francisco bay area who is often fueled by caffeine served up by area baristas who inspire me to use coffee in cocktails.

Cocktail Inspiration

Boozy espresso tonics while on a tropical vacation.


  • 22 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 15 Ml. Chinola passion fruit liqueur
  • 30 Ml. Bimini Coconut Gin
  • 60 Ml. Espresso El Salvadorian Medium Roast (theory coffee)
  • 3 Drops Saline
  • 5 Drops Scrappys black lemon bitters
  • 30 Ml. Fever Tree tonic


Cocktail Preparation
  • Add to shaker tin licor 43 gin chinola espressso bitters and saline
  • Add ice to tin and Shake
  • Add 30 ml tonic to tin
  • Strain into collins glass
  • Add ice
  • Garnish with chocolate dipped dehydrated orange
Coffee Preparation
  • Measure and fine grind 20g of espresso
  • Pack portafilter and tamp evenly
  • Pull 40g shot into shotglass

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