Shake Up



I love traveling and new experiences. Inspired by my adventures and guilty pleasure—strawberry milkshake with fries—I created the “Shake Up!” Blending excitement and comfort.

Cocktail Inspiration

Combination of Strawberry Milk Shake and fries while traveling


  • 15 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 30 Ml. DAK Candy Crush - Colombia Espresso
  • 20 Ml. Choya Umeshu Plum Wine
  • 5 Ml. Tio Pepe Fino Sherry
  • 3 Ml. White Miso Paste (3g)


Cocktail Preparation
  • Combine all the ingredients in the shaker with ice and hard shake.
  • Strain out the ice and dry shake the drink.
  • Fine strain the drink into a clay cup.
  • Crack fresh pepper on top.
Coffee Preparation
  • Grind the DAK Candy Crush - Colombia Espresso beens (19g) on a fine setting for espresso (1 on most grinders).
  • Press the coffee in the portafilter.
  • Run the espresso machine at 92.5 C for until 38g of coffee is produced, approximately 25 sec.
  • Chill the Coffee

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