Tall Dark and Smoky


United States of America

Hello, I’ve been bartending for 4 yrs now and I love it! I currently work from home and bartend on the side, just because I can’t get enough of it. I’m working towards opening my own bar and think this we will be a great start to personal branding.

Cocktail Inspiration

Oaxaca Old Fashion/Whiskey Sour


  • 45 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 45 Ml. Mezcal
  • 3 Dashes Aztec Chocolate Bitters
  • 1 Oz. Egg White
  • 2 Oz. Fresh Espresso


Cocktail Preparation
  • Pour 1.5 oz of Licor 43 into the shaker tin
  • Pour 1.5 oz of Mezcal (I'm using Casamigos) into the shaker tin
  • 3 Dashes of Aztec Chocolate Bitters
  • Pour 2 oz of fresh espresso
  • 1 oz of egg white
  • Dry Shake
  • Add Ice and Shake
  • Strain into rocks glass
  • Garnish with fresh grated cinnamon
Coffee Preparation
  • Tap double portafilter of Organic espresso blend, dark bold espresso with chocolate and nutty notes.
  • Pull 2oz of Espresso

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