Tropical Trip



I am Wilson Cardenas, I am 31 years old. Barista.
My drink is inspired by the unique flavors of licor 43, combined with coffee, Coffee mucilage concentr and uniting the acidity of the Cape Gooseberry, to turn it into a refreshing and tropical drink.

Cocktail Inspiration

This cocktail was inspired by the ingredients to make Licor 43, showing that with a mixture diferents ingredients you can to do something wonderful.


  • 30 Ml. Licor 43 Original
  • 23 Ml. Cold brew
  • 45 Ml. Coffee mucilage concentrate
  • 23 Ml. cape gooseberry juice


Cocktail Preparation
  • Dilute the mucilago concentrate into water (60gr mucilago 160 ml water)
  • Macerate the cape gooseberry to extract its juice
  • In a julep glass, place the diluted mucilage concentrate (45ml)
  • Put the cold brew (23ml)
  • Put the juice of cape gooseberry (23ml)
  • Put Licor 43 (30ml)
  • Mix
  • Put ice pilé until the glass is full 
  • Decorate the choice
  • Serve with a straw
Coffee Preparation
  • 556 gr of coarse grinding coffee are used
  • Plastic 10L container
  • Put nylon filter
  • Put paper filter inside the nylon filter
  • Put coffee inside the paper filter
  • Put 950ml of water and mix the coffee to moisten it
  • Put 3600ml of water on the coffee and close the paper filter
  • Put 950 ml of water around the paper filter and close the nylon filter
  • Cover the container and refrigerate it for 48 hours
  • After the time has passed, take it out and put it in a metal strainer for 30 minutes so that it drains completely and refrigerate.

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